At Pure Balance we offer a holistic approach to health and exercise, based on individual fitness levels, posture, flexibility, and the existence of any musculoskeletal or joint complaints.


All new students are seen for a postural assessment with our fully qualified physiotherapist or osteopath prior to starting sessions.

Information from this assessment is given to your teacher to ensure that classes are planned according  to your individual health requirements.


Following this assessment a "Pre Class" block of 4 Pilates sessions is undertaken.

This introductory programme has been designed to ensure that students who are new to the Pure Balance method are taught the essentials of Pilates movement prior to commencing their regular class.


Private and duet sessions are also available for those students who desire an individualised programme of exercise and the use of Pilates studio equipment.


P I L A T E S  A N D  P Y S I C A L  T H E R A P Y


Many people suffer with life long conditions for which we often do not have a ‘cure’; such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and degenerative spinal disc disease.

Institutes such as ARUK and NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recognise the benefits and importance of exercise in the management of these conditions.

Self management exercise programmes such as Pilates, can be very helpful to teach correct postural alignment and stabilisation of the joints in the body, thus empowering individuals to manage their own mechanical back pain. Pilates exercises will teach the effective recruitment and retraining of deep stabilising muscles (core stability) thus helping to prevent the recurrence of back pain, in addition to improving posture, flexibility and strength.


Therapeutic exercise vs surgery?

Recent studies have shown that there is no statistical difference between surgery and therapeutic exercise in the management and improvement of joint complaints, such as degenerative cartilage injuries/tears in the knee. This means that engagement in a suitably tailored exercise programme, such as Pilates can be just as effective as a surgical procedure.


But if you are in lots of pain how do you start exercising?

We know and appreciate that during times of flare up, episodes of pain can severely disrupt a persons daily living activities, causing understandable reluctance to engage in an exercise programme. However, normal movement is vital during these times and too much resting/inactivity can prolong these painful episodes.


At Pure Balance we are in the fantastic position to be able to help you manage your life long condition:


Pilates classes are clinical with small group sizes. Exercise adaptions are made according to individual needs.

One to one Pilates sessions - every session is individually planned specifically to your health needs and your goals.

Physiotherapy at Pure Balance Health - If you are having an acute flare up and need a short spell of treatment to get you back on track there is a highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapist on site.

Combined Therapy - Students who attend for any therapy on site have the knowledge that information pertinent to Pilates class planning is shared with their teacher to ensure the safe and effective planning of exercises to meet individual health needs..