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P O S T U R A L  A S S E S S M E N T 


Face to face treatments are undertaken using the recommended PPE for the safety of both the patient and therapist.


Please call or email us for further details and pricing. 

Postural Assessment -30 mins | £30.00

New students are invited to attend a 30 minute appointment with our in house physiotherapist. This appointment is essential to assess health status, medical history, medication and reasons behind attending Pilates.

Students will be asked consent to a physical examination, this is to assess posture, muscle tightness/over activity and any weak muscle groups. Information gained from your postural assessment will be shared with the Pilates teachers for the purpose of planning your classes, and in order to enable the preparation of any necessary modifications according to your health needs, body type or general physical condition.


From the information gained in your postural assessment we will adapt exercises and make sure they are as suitable for you as possible.

However please note that ultimately you are still responsible for looking after your body during Pilates sessions and must inform the teacher of any discomfort you are feeling and of any changes to your health.

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P R E  C L A S S E S 

1 hour | £50 for 4 classes


Following a postural assessment with our physiotherapist, all new students complete a 6 week term of pre class Pilates.


This is to ensure that all students develop a thorough understanding of the Pure Balance Pilates Method of exercise and how to undertake and develop exercises safely and effectively for your thier own body type. 


Pre class sessions are small groups with 2 Pilates teachers in each class in order to ensure a safe and effective introduction to classes. 

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1 hour | £60 for 6 weeks


Following completion of your pre class term, we offer Pilates mat sessions from beginner through to advanced level.

All classes are individualised and clinical in order to ensure that each student is given the correct type and level of exercise for their own body type.

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P R I V A T E  C L A S S E S

1 hour | £40 per hour for 1:1

             £50 per hour for 1:2

             £60 per hour for 1:3


At Pure Balance in addition to our small class sizes, we offer Pilates teaching on a 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 basis in our fully equipped Private Pilates Studio. Private sessions are taught by Lyn, our studio Director.

Lyn has completed numerous courses both in Pilates mat work and Pilates studio equipment and has over 17 years experience in Pilates teaching.

During a private Pilates session students will be taught a variety of mat and machine based exercises tailored specifically to their individual health and fitness level.

Combined therapy is undertaken where clients are recieving treatment from our Physiotherapist in conjunction with therapeutic Pilates exercise sessions with Lyn.