COVID -19 


We have undertaken a thorough risk assessment of all areas of the building in line with HSE guidance ( to ensure adherence to all 5 areas of Working Safely during Coronavirus (Covid-19). 



Updated 20/05/2022


1. Class Numbers


  • Class numbers have been reduced to 10 persons

2. Catch ups


  • Our catch up class policy has been revised in order to minimise the mixing of individuals between classes.

3. Entry of students into studio for class

  • Students are asked on entry if they are fit and well and whether or not they have any symptoms of COVID-19 - This is backed up by visual reminders throughout the studio and regular emails sent to students to remind them not to attend if they or anyone they have been in contact with has any symptoms of COVD-19.

  • On entry students are marked as present in the studio on our secure GDPR compliant register system which links directly to our studio database containing all current student contact details.

  • Students will place their shoes on the designated shoe bench and then sanitise their hands.


4. Exit from studio 


  • Student will be asked to clean all of the equipment they have used in the class with antiviral spray (Individual cleaning stations will be at each mat). 

  • Students will deposit cleaning their single use cleaning cloth in a lidded bin.

  • Students will exit via the studio doors, sanitising hands on exit.

5. Cleaning of equipment by clients after class


  • There will be a plastic box at the side of each mat which will contain one boil washed single use cloth and a bottle of antiviral spray plus a bottle of mini hand sanitiser.

  • Students will use the cloth and antiviral spray to sanitise all equipment they have used in class including their mat.


6. Head pillows and mats and socks


  • Students may bring their own mat and head pillows but these items MUST be sanitised prior to bringing them into the studio.

  • Students must all wear socks in studio at all times


7. Social distancing on premises


  • We continue to advise students to avoid close contact with each other before, during and after classes.


8. Face coverings, face masks and teacher - student contact

  • Students may wear a face covering whilst inside the studio if they wish. 

  • Teachers undertaking 1:1 sessions and classes will wear a face mask if moving within 2 metres of a client during the session.


9. Cleaning of contact points and cleaning stations after students have left


  • There will be a gap between classes to allow for the following cleaning procedures after all students have exited the studio.

  • Teacher will clean all antiviral spray bottles and hand sanitiser bottles with antibacterial wipe after each session to ensure cleanliness for the next client.

  • Teacher will clean door handles and any other contact points

  • Teacher will then sterilise their hands

  • Teacher will then place a new sterile cloth at each mat cleaning station ready for next class



10. Teacher responsibilities


  • To ensure maintenance of this protocol when in the studio.

  • To report any of breaches of protocol directly to Lyn Mclaren, the Studio Director.



11. Teacher or student illness/ catch ups


  • No student or teacher will be allowed to attend the studio if feeling unwell with Coronavirus symptoms 

  • Students will be invited to take a catch up classes using the Pure Balance video channel



12. Time between classes


  • 15-30 minutes between all classes to allow for studio ventilation and cleaning. 


13. PB Video Channel


  • The current and continuing PB channel will be offered to shielding clients who cannot attend the the studio. PB will not guarantee that the studio place of these clients will be saved during their absence, but every effort will be made to find them a mat place on their return to studio sessions.


14. Test and Trace 

Details of all active class clients are held on the studios CLINIKO database in accordance with GDPR should relevant class members need to be contacted due to a student reporting a diagnosis of Covid-19

15. Postural Assessments /  Health Assessments

  • Postural assessments are undertaken by our Osteopath and physiotherapists who will wear PPE in accordance with their own regulatory bodies.