Frank Simpson wrote;

"Bespoke studio with all the equipment. The weekly classes are always varied. The numbers per class are limited, allowing the knowledgeable tutors to guide everyone ensuring the exercises are done correctly and to give the individual maximum benefit. The tutors always find time to answer queries and to suggest exercises to do at home that’ll improve a problem."

Mandy Graham

"Love my Pilates class on Mondays with Kate she is so thorough and I've learned so much since starting" ❤


Sue Cooper 

"Love my class with Debbie I come home feeling relaxed and energised great start to my day"

Danielle Domagala

"Friendly and professional pilates studio. All the instructors are knowledgeable and attentitive. Seriously the best decision I have made ,I can already feel the results."



 Jo Copeland

"Pure Balance Pilates is great!"

Natasha Simmonds

"My body awareness and back pain has improved so much due to Pure Balance Pilates".

Helen Hughes 

"Over two years ago I had a very severe accident which resulted in multiple spinal fractures, a fractured pelvis, wrist and foot. It took me 6 months to walk again. I was then told by my medical team that basically nothing more could be done for me, only very strong medication. I had also been left with paraesthesia down my left side. My sister then suggested we join Pure Balance Pilates! I was extremely doubtful that I could even stand long enough to have the physiotherapy assessment, let alone join a Pilates programme! With the thought of ‘There is nothing more we can do’ ringing in my ears we went along.


I can now say with the expertise, kindness and encouragement of Katrina (physiotherapist), Lyn, Debbie and Kate and also to the attention given to my personal needs in each class, over time I have surpassed all expectations. That includes my Neurologist (who is in total agreement with this programme) and with what it has done for me and is continuing to do.


If you are in doubt that nothing can change and that you have to stay weak and have limited mobility, be encouraged that with the help and support of the Pure Balance Pilates team your life can and will change for the better.


“Thank You” seems such a small thing to say for my way of living being transformed. Without Pure Balance Pilates I would have a much poorer quality of life. Please don’t feel that nothing can be done. With the help of the Pure Balance Pilates team you could feel so much better and achieve things you never dreamed possible! If it can work for me it can work for you. Thank you with all my heart (and the family who can’t believe how different I am." 

Kathi Bott

"I  have been going to Pure Balance for over a year and its got rid of all my injuries. The teachers are fab and the classes informal and friendly and now we have our online classes to see us through this bad time and beyond. Thanks ladies!


Daniella Franchini

"Pure Balance Pilates' classes are a real treat. All the teachers at the studio are marvellous. They are very very friendly and professional at the same time, take care of everybody's specific problems during the class, providing instructions to perform the same exercise at different levels and still make it fun and relaxing. Even though I am not at an advanced leveI I feel like I have learnt so much about my body through pilates and am now gaining flexibility and strenght in muscles and joints that I had somehow forgotten to use properly. 

Couldn't praise and recommend Pure Balance Pilates more!"


Lisa Fox

"I started attending pure balance Pilates to combat back pain having improved dramatically I was terrified that without these sessions during the corona virus loackdown I would regress and the pain would  return

However as the pure balance team began to produce their weekly video sessions I was delighted to find I was able to maintain my Pilates sessions in my own home.The videos have been  graduated from basic upwards to suit all levels of mobility and fitness .The team have worked really creatively to replace studio equipment with household items. I am totally impressed with the variety of exercises and the comprehensive explainations in each video and despite not leaving my living room I have done  three classes each week."


Maxine Seddon

"Lyn and her team have been wonderful, sending videos and zoom classes . Keeping us in touch and keeping us fit

Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work

Looking forward to seeing you again xxx"


Zoe Pawezowski

"Professional and welcoming Pilates studio with knowledgable tutors who cater classes to each individual. 

 found the initial physio assessment extremely useful. Tutors ensure injuries are considered so exercises can be tailored accordingly. 


"Regular, online lessons and tutor support have been provided during the Covid-19 outbreak.  Both standard and advanced level classes have been made available to students.  Content has been of studio quality, except for some, fun, quirky equipment substitutions."


Shirley Preston

"Excellent studio team - complete professionals always ready to assess, support and advise. Definitely has made a difference to my fitness and flexibility. Accessiblefor beginners through to advanced level. Available in classes or 1:1 sessions." 


Linda and Paul McCann

"Lyn and all the Pure Balance Coaches.

Just a note to thank you all for your production of the on-line exercises and Kate for the live streaming of the ‘High Intensity’ sessions. Linda and I have found that all ability levels are covered and we are able to challenge ourselves by tackling new exercises. As a bonus all the sessions produced for circulation (excluding live sessions) are now available on You Tube so we are watching you on tv!! 

Thank you all for your efforts in keeping us fit and healthy during these trying times as the house becomes our designated Pilates studio. We are thoroughly enjoying all your sessions."


Stacey knowles

"Fantasic team at Pure Balance Pilates . When pregnant last year Lyn adapted some of the exercises so that i could carry on and i was able to attend classes untill 4 days before baby was born.

I was set to return to classes when Covid-19 hit and the studio had to close. The emails and online classes are great. I can do them at a time that is convenient for me. I dont need any special equipment just things that can be found around the house. The team are there on email or on the phone to provide help if needed."


Amy and Lesley Rushton 

"Having the classes temporarily online was such a good idea, especially as you could do them when it suited you. You could tell that, as usual, a lot of thought had gone into them to benefit everyone. Hope it won’t be too long before we can attend the studio in-person again 😊"



"Gill Edwards"

"Just finished band session this morning 

Thank you so much was great.

Thank goodness for your videos, so good to have positive focus.

Cant thank you enough, it is such a touch of normality and feeling g of physical and mental wellbeing. I told my Grandson today l felt like doing a marathon!!!!!🙊"