COVID -19 

Both the studio and Physiotherapy Clinic are currently closed in accordance with the UK lockdown.

During lockdown we have undertaken a thorough risk assessment of all areas of

the building in line with HSE guidance ( and have written our Studio Reopning Protocol and Clinic Reopening Protocol which will ensure that we will be Covid Secure upon reopening, implementing all 5 areas of Working Safely during Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

Our protocols detail how we are going to ensure;

  • The maintenance of social distancing in all areas

  • Changes to our timetable to allow ample time for cleaning of studio equipment and contact points in between classes and clinic patients and to ensure that class groups are able to exit well in advance of the arrival of the next class

  • The deep cleaning of the studio on a weekly basis

  • The availability of easily accessible hand sanitisation points within all areas of the building & clear displays of DOH and WHO guidance on hand sanitisation.

​Updated July 1st 2020